“Chasing” in the Boston Metro area


As is often the case during July and August in MA, severe storms were in the forecast on August 7.  By 4 pm, towering cu (cumulonimbus) clouds were already forming and thunderstorms were popping in various areas of eastern Massachusetts, southeastern NH, Maine and RI. On days like this, we are typically glued to the radar (computer, phone aps or even tv) to see if there’s anything near us that we should “chase.”  Trees, traffic, and hills are the bane of a chaser’s chase.

Normally, chasing in this end of the world means hanging out in our nearby park to watch the clouds develop, then watching the storms from the back porch.  Other vantage points include the top of a nearby parking garage from where we have seen a funnel cloud, the parking lot of a local church (high ground with a bit of visibility) from where whe have seen circulation with debris, with no confirmed tornado, Rt. 2 when we encountered a microburst while driving, and last night’s “chase” on Rt. 95/128.

Well, we weren’t really chasing – we were going to a dinner meeting!  Since Ian was driving, I got to actually try to see the beautiful developing storms as we crawled along at 5-20 mph.  At dinner, we were treated to a double rainbow out the window.  On the way home, we got glimpses, through the trees, of a gorgeous sunset highlighting the elevated remnants of a storm.