Hi everyone.  I’m Ericka Gray and my chase and life partner is Ian Gosling.  We usually chase in tornado alley with veteran chaser and long-time friend, Dean Cosgrove and in New England (worst chase territory in the world) on our own.  We’ve been chasing since 2002 after meeting on the internet, discovering on our first date that we owned many tornado videos each with no duplicates, and the rest is history.  Ian is the scientist in the family – a chemical engineer; I am the photographer (Gustfront Photography) with significant geek tendancies, and we both love mother nature at her wildest. 

Ian, originally from London, had never seen storms like this in England – nor had he ever imagined such vast distances and the ability to see so far.  I grew up in south central Pennsylvania and always wanted to know why the sky would go green.  No one was able to tell me.  Now I know.

Storm chasing is not for everyone.  My mother refuses to get in the car with us ever again after an impromptu chase in Pennsylvania.  If you are interested in chasing but have never tried it, go with an experienced chaser or with a tour company.  Dean Cosgrove offers private tours and is an outstanding teacher and Tempest Tours is one of the best for large group tours.  Don’t go alone.  You’ll get in trouble and you’ll endanger others.  There’s a lot to learn first.