We Got Whacked!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

We started the day in Amarillo, TX and we headed South through Plainview and kept going. We intercepted our first storm near Barnhart, TX and watched a storm and a possible tornado, later confirmed as a reported tornado.  We continued on past Big Lake, TX and watched a beautiful storm with an amazingly green hail core before we headed away to avoid being pummelled.  Some students from University of Mississippi and the University of North Dakota drove into the storm and the hail core.

Hail core

Hail core









Storms began exploding everywhere and we got cut off on our way to San Angelo and got whacked by heavy rain and a bit of hail on our way to Midland, TX.  En route, we had the fortune to see an amazingly bright double rainbow and when we arrived in Midland, we greeted by fireworks at the ballpark next to our hotel.  I gratefully drank a large beer with dinner and fell into bed.

Double rainbow

Double rainbow

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