The Big Texan

We left Guymon, OK and discovered that K-Bobs was now a China Buffet. This was baaaaddddd!  I was obsessed with Tucumcari, NM today – because I love saying Tucumcari.  Our real target wasn’t that far from Tucumcari but I insisted to my chase partners that we needed to go to Tucumcari just so I could keep saying Tucumcari.  They were about ready to throw me out of the car after about the 100th Tucumcari.  We ended up at the Ute Lake outside of Tucumcari where the most we chased was lizards.


Annoyed Lizard








After annoying a lot of lizards, we headed to Amarillo to the Big Texan to discover Peggy Hamner Willenberg, Chris Kridler, Scott McPartland, Dave Lewison, Mark Robinson, and the Canadian Weather Network, which is filming a tv series, was taking up 2 tables.  Mark was trying to eat the 72 ounce steak (for tv) and failing.  This is what chasers do in Amarillo when there are no storms!


Chaser Women

Chaser Women

Chaser Convergence

Chaser Convergence


Do It for Canada, Mark

Do It for Canada, Mark

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