Day One – We have rotation

The magic of not knowing where you’re going is being open to the magic of what you find when you get there. Our annual vacation/chasecation started in Salt Lake City, UT with the obligatory Denny’s and WalMart stops to fill up on necessities. Ian, pre-coffee and food, was navigating, which led us to a side of SLC that contained more pawn shops and check cashing emporiums than I’ve ever seen before.

The magic began with the drive over the causeway to Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake. Smoke? Tornado Plants? Vortices above certain plants were black and….OMG, they were swarms of BRINE FLIES!

Brine Fly Swarm

Onward to the ranch and an encounter with a helpful volunteer who took one look at my cameras and after a timely warning to watch out for the bison poop, took us to a restricted area to see….

Pocatello,ID Super8 for the night. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

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