London at the New Year

Olympic Park and Pub

This is our first time spending the New Year in London.  Usually we arrive before Christmas and leave before the old year turns.  This time around, the flights were cheaper to  come on Dec. 28 and go back home to Boston in January.

What a zoo!  Before Christmas is generally crazy.  This time qualifies as an unmitigated nightmare of crazed humanity wreaking havoc in the stores creating unspeakable lengths of queues (50 minute wait in line to get to the bank teller to cash a check!), stripping the grocery store shelves bare of food, attempting to kill anything that moves on the sidewalk or the roads, and generally creating chaos in the most crowded borough of Newham, town of Stratford, East London.

Yes, my friends, it’s enough to drive one to drink.  Fortunately, there are more pubs than one can count within easy walking distance of Ian’s London house and we have visited one every day in order to recover from the shear exhaution of not knowing whether the sun exists anymore, the masses of humanity pressing in upon us, and the looming olympic village and sports complex just two blocks from the house, which we can sometimes see when the fog and mist clear. 

Yes, the 2012 summer Olympics will be two blocks from the house in which Ian grew up and now owns.  We plan to attend and have been watching the destructing and construction over the years with a great deal of interest.  The shear number of cranes in use is fascinating.  The velodrome looks almost like a bicycle helmet from certain angles.  The  piles of dirt still exist but where some used to be now exist buildings or almost buildings.

Old and New - view from the bedroom

olympic park view from the bedroom


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